Truck Game – The Real Excitement

Truck games are those games in which you are require driving the buggy by crossing the obstacles and difficult territory without harming the vehicle and flipping over, which comes in the way. Online truck games like mad truckers, extreme trucks, monster trucks, dune buggies and more are available for the users.If we are talking about dune buggy truck game: the game is all about to drive the buggy over the obstacles and move through the host obstacles and difficult areas without flipping or harming the vehicle. The motive was to drive safely and by making the speed under control. The game controls are the best features of the games which are there in the options menu to use the number keys. Little practice is required for controlling the speed of the truck.The graphic of the game were good, colorful and sharp as like other games. The initial stages of the game help in building the interest in the game and the experts will enjoy playing the more difficult stages. The sound effect for crashing and for any accident happened in the game was awesome for providing the best experience of the game. The complexity of the game was there for both beginners as well as for expert’s players. The game design was good and modern but there is some areas need more improvement. The designers are working on it for creating the new improved truck game for more excitement of the game. It was an interesting game to play as it provides the excellent combinations of color, sound, format etc.Monster truck trials game: the intension of the game is to cross the four different stages successfully. It is a fast game with a good format, as each stage has a limit of 1 minute. While playing truck game make sure that your truck will not crashed as it will leads to lose the game. There is no much variation in the difficulty levels of each stage. The most interesting part of this game is its time countdown, as the countdown pushes the user for a sense of urgency. Sound of the game is not that effective, but is a interesting game to play.Extreme Trucks Part II USA: The monster truck game is driven deep into the desert and the intention is to drive over a variety of obstacles without crashing of the truck. There are many signs on the way are there which have to be followed to get the maximum number of points. The vehicles used in the game are smaller trucks, but the wheels are very giant. So the chances of flipping are very much there. The images were large and overall format of the game was attractive. The first few stages helped in generating the interest of the user and it can up to the stage 9 or more to increase the score in the game.